Dead Artist Quotes

art quotesHere are a bunch of resources pulled together when listing quotations about artists and designers that inspired our group, I guess I will be adding more to this list when more artists die.

Robert Genn

000 artists in over 100 countries, and claims the largest collection of art quotes online with over 5,382 authors quoted. His “Ten Commandments of Art Pricing”

Hans Haacke

reaction to art censorship. The piece called Sanitation featured six anti-art quotes from US political figures on each side of mounted American flags.The quotes

Deane G. Keller

” New York Times. July 13, 2007. The Painter’s Keys: Deane G. Keller Art Quotes. Obituary: Dean G. Keller, Yale College Class of 1962 Press release

Nicolas F. Shi

2014-02-02). Nicolas F. Shi, official website “We Are America, by Nicolas F. Shi”. Embracing Our Differences – 2008 Art & Quotes. Retrieved 2014-02-02.

Laurence Overmire

Consciousness Quotes of Laurence Overmire The Painter’s Keys Laurence Overmire Art Quotes The Guthrie Theatre Shakespeare at the Guthrie, 1981-1982 Season Eden

Bernard Hesling

period until I read that Alan McCulloch in his Encyclopaedia of Australian Art quotes me as saying “In Paris aged eighteen I was influenced by Le Douanier Henri

An I found a whole bunch of other stuff worth sharing:


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And finally a few more places I ended up on my travels researching art, artists, actors and moving into musicians and all sorts of creatives…

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